First off, I need to make a confession before I get too far down the bloggy road: I am terrible with a camera. I have no idea why it is that other people can just point and shoot and get great photos and mine simply suck. I know that FOOD PORN RULES here in the blogosphere so I am bound and determined to get better at it (unless I become instantly famous and am able to hire an all-purpose live-in photographer and chauffeur). So, please have patience with my photos or the lack of them.

Second, I’m sorry to say that I am not yet ready to tell you about the lamb shanks. Soon. But I have a small consolation prize:

I just happened to find a flank steak at the winter farmers’ market this weekend and I was so excited that I had to cook it in the SVS. I am also here to tell you that I am mortified and humiliated by the results. It was TERRIBLE. All the resources I could find on the subject of flank steak said to cook it for 24 hours at 55C . Well that seemed rather extreme to me but I am a novice – who am I to buck authority? So I followed the instructions I had. Don’t try this at home, kids.

No photos of the flank, either folks. No need – it looked totally ordinary after I gave it a quick sear in butter. And frankly, I just want to forget about it. I seasoned it in the bag with salt, pepper and garlic powder.  Actually, it came out disgustingly mushy and falling apart, in addition to being completely flavorless. Next time I do a flank, I will do it for 4-6 hours at 55C. Unless some other authority tells me otherwise and convinces me that my prior experience was a fluke!

Soon com mon: Lamb Shanks (which came out yummy, BTW)


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  1. GeoffS

    No food should be cooked for 24 hours. Ever. Even if Julia Child tells you to do that, just don’t. Unless she shows up at your door; which would be really scary, since she has been dead for like 6 years now – I bet she would look worse than you described your flank steak… all mushy and falling apart.

    On a technical note, you have a broken link: SVS is pointing to http://www.sousvidesupremen.com/ (which I think has an extra ‘n’ that breaks it)…

    Can’t wait to hear about the lamb shank (I love’s me some lamb).


    • Fixed it! Thanks for the heads-up.

      • mindy

        just read a disparaging article either in the nyt or perhaps it was time magazine (i read so much that i can’t remember) that talks about the disappointing results of slow cooking – not really worth the time put into it? but keep experimenting… though even keller says it’s not great for the home cook:(

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