One of many reasons why I came to be known as a fanatic when it comes to food

This is not funny. This article explains some of the reasons why I try very hard not to eat meat from factory farms. I picked this article up off of Twitter and if I knew how, I would give credit where credit is due. But, I think I will be forgiven for telling you about it here:

I believe that we are all, each and every one of us, responsible for the state of the world today. One of the things I do, one of the little ways in which I try to help make it better, is I avoid eating CAFO food, as much as I possibly can. What CAFOs and the businesses associated with them (i.e. processing plants, among others) have done and continue to do to our home (this earth) is disgusting. I hope that if enough of us can do this, at least some of the time, we will put some of them out of business!

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